The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, the coalition that led the effort to bring Initiative 1631 to voters this past November, is pushing a set of bills in Olympia to address climate change and bring much needed climate solutions to Washington State.

Together we mobilized thousands of volunteers, talked to thousands of voters about climate change and solutions to build a clean energy future, and worked in collaboration with over 700 key partners including labor unions, tribal nations, businesses, and communities of color from across Washington State, all committed to passing effective, equitable climate policy. Now we are bringing our collective voice, and the power of this historic coalition to the state capital to urge state lawmakers to take climate action.

Post-election polling showed that people across Washington State are more concerned than ever about climate change and want their elected leaders to act to address climate change. In addition, the impacts of climate change on our state, communities, and economy continue to mount, often with devastating consequences, and disproportionately for people with lower incomes, communities of color, and tribal nations.

The Alliance developed a shared 2019 legislative session agenda to reduce climate pollution and advance environmental justice that reflect the shared values and principles of our diverse coalition. The agenda includes:

  • 100% Clean Electricity (SB 5116, HB 1211) : Supporting Washington’s clean energy economy and transitioning to a clean, affordable, and reliable energy future.
  • Clean Buildings for WA Act  (SB 5293, HB 1257): Concerning energy efficiency, reducing greenhouse gases, creating jobs, and making buildings healthier places to live and work
  • The Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act  (SB 5489, HB 2009): Establishing a healthy environment for all by creating a definition of environmental justice, directing agencies to address environmental health disparities, and creating a task force.

The Alliance believes any climate policy should deeply reduce carbon emissions, create good jobs in Washington State, protect workers, improve the health of our urban and rural communities and the environment, ensure that communities hardest hit by pollution and climate change have equitable representation at the decision making table and have access to affordable low-carbon options, and recognize tribal sovereignty.

Although big oil beat us on the ballot, we can’t let up, and we won’t let up. We know the people of Washington state and those who represent us in Olympia want to see action, and are strong enough to get something done this year. Not just any climate action, but action that aligns with our shared principles.

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