During this time of crisis, fueled by the inadequate federal response to COVID19, and vast inequity, we must do all we can to support disproportionately impacted workers and communities on the frontlines. Now is the time for solidarity. The Climate Alliance is calling on all our supporters to work in solidarity with our labor union and community of color based partners to push for transformative policy change and hold our electeds and governments accountable to mend the crumbling systems exacerbated by this crisis.

We know that now is not the time for “business as usual”. Over the next month, the Climate Alliance will postpone our “usual work” with the goal of facilitating COVID19 Solidarity efforts with our partners.  We are calling on all our supporters to join us in supporting our labor and community of color based partner’s calls to action.

We developed a COVID19 Solidarity Resource Toolkit with the goal of gathering all COVID19 resources into one place.

Urgent: Support our coalition partner calls to actions

We will do our best to update and monitor on-the-ground efforts to ensure we can support one another!

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