March 11, 2015 | Effenus Henderson | Seattle Medium | Read more.

Embracing a more inclusive society is the only way to overcome the many great challenges that we as a people face, the most pressing of which is the rapid warming of our planet from heat-trapping and health threatening carbon pollution. Unless each of us believes, as Dr. King said, that I am my brother and sisters keeper, we won’t feel the common bond of humanity necessary to create a society that benefits everyone, both present and yet to be born. I have fought to build the vision Dr. King expressed across my life’s work, such as the former Chief Diversity Officer of Weyerhaeuser, past Board Director of the Environmental Education Association of Washington, and as a current Council Member on the Environmental Protection Agency’s Environmental Justice Advisory Board. I have learned that building unity and equity can uproot many social problems, including the environmental injustices that predominately African-Americans, other racial minorities and other vulnerable populations face.


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