Thanks for connecting with the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy and committing to fight climate change. The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy is Washington State’s coalition of individuals, organizations and businesses dedicated to reducing global warming pollution, strengthening our economy, and making sure all Washington families have a better future. We are building a deeper, broader climate movement for Washington—one that can overcome the power of fossil fuel interests who will fight the transition to clean energy. We are excited to work with you.

Ballot initiative endorsements – Yes on Transit East and West!

Recently the Alliance Steering Committee endorsed two ballot initiatives on the November ballot:

  • Sound Transit 3 – Yes on Regional Proposition 1 (Puget Sound Region)
  • Yes for Buses – Spokane Transit Authority Proposition 1 (Spokane)

Transportation produces the majority of Washington’s greenhouse gasses and increasing transit options is key in reducing single occupancy vehicle travel. When fully built out, for example, Sound Transit 3 usage will lead to an annual reduction of approximately 667,000 tons of greenhouse gas emissions, the equivalent of taking nearly 142 THOUSAND cars off the road! Click here for a great description of why to support these types ballot measures and more about their climate and economic benefits.

Community Climate Tour

The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy steering committee members have been busy over the past few months. First we worked to build an effective and equitable climate policy for Washington – the Climate Action Policy Framework that we announced this spring. Since then we have begun a campaign to share this policy with communities around the state, and build the broad movement that will be needed to pass and sustain climate action.

Our Community Climate Tour is travelling around the state to talk about the critical climate challenge we face and the Alliance’s comprehensive policy to tackle the problem with a solution that works for everyone.

wslc-convention-1Washington State Labor Council Convention

The first community climate tour event was at the Washington State Labor Council Convention in Wenatchee in July. Over 60 attendees from labor unions across the state learned about the Alliance policy and took part in constructive discussions about climate impacts they see in their communities and how essential it is that climate policy invests in our infrastructure and creates and sustains good jobs. Keep your eye out for a Community Climate Tour event near you, or reach out and let us know you would like to schedule one for your organization. We hope to connect with as many of you as possible over the coming months and look forward to working together to promote fair and effective climate action as part of the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy.

We know that our supporters have a variety of views on I-732, with many opposed or non-supportive. We are committed to enacting a climate policy that is viable with the electorate, effective, and invests in more equitable and climate resilient communities throughout the state. We want to make sure you are up to speed on the variety of ways we are making these goals a reality and we are excited to continue this journey with you.

Check out our partners!

We are glad to have so many terrific supporting organizations in the Alliance (over 150 organizations!), and we’re always looking to expand! Check out our list here. If you know of a group that would like to join here’s the form to complete.


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