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To change everything, we need everyone.

The Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy was founded on this principle. United by the understanding that climate change affects all of us in different ways, in 2014 representatives of labor unions, people of color-led community organizations, faith communities, environmentalists, and businesses came together to create the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy.  

With more than 170 organizations, businesses, and hundreds of volunteers, the Alliance is working together to address the urgent threats of climate change and create a prosperous clean energy economy by building a movement led by communities facing the most severe climate impacts.  

Interested in attending an event or volunteering?

We’re calling for immediate action to protect people, places and the quality of life in this state. We’re proud to call Washington home, let’s keep it that way. We believe Washington:  

  • WILL respond to climate change by adopting standards and policies that reduce carbon emissions and hold big emitters accountable.

  • CAN grow our economy, business sector, and labor movement by incentivizing homegrown clean energy and technology, which creates good jobs and better choices for consumers, and improves health.

  • MUST invest in communities of color and communities with low incomes disproportionately harmed by fossil fuel pollution.

To do so, we have proposed an effective and equitable approach to account for the devastating costs of carbon pollution and accelerate a just transition to a clean energy economy. Learn more about our policy proposal that reflects the diverse values of the many constituencies of the Alliance and makes major progress on carbon pollution and clean energy.


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