We need a #ResilientFuture for all! 

The Climate Alliance, a broad climate coalition of labor unions, environmental organizations, community of color based organizations, faith communities, health professionals, and businesses call on Washington state lawmakers to support the Resilient Future Platform and enact bold relief and recovery efforts that set us on a path toward a just and sustainable future for generations to come! Whether we’re white or Black, rich or poor, Indigenous or newcomer, we all want to leave future generations a healthy and beautiful Washington. But today, Washingtonians are grappling with multiple, simultaneous crises: a public health emergency, an economic catastrophe, a climate crisis, and a reckoning with our nation’s racist history. Those who benefit from the status quo have tried to silence the voices urging change and asserting our right to have a say over what happens to the land, air, and water we all depend on.

It doesn’t have to be this way. The crises we face are deeply intertwined, and a just recovery will require bold action. We know firsthand that the solutions needed to recover from the health and economic impacts of COVID-19 can also advance climate resilience – a need that remains as urgent as ever. We can expand access to affordable healthcare, housing, and clean transportation. We can have affordable energy options that clean our air and create thousands of good, safe jobs.

Starving our communities of the resources we need to live healthy lives is a choice we don’t have to keep making. We know knee jerk cuts will only perpetuate these crises by damaging the critical services and jobs families depend on. By joining together, from our farms to our cities, we can rewrite the rules and create a Washington that puts the health, vitality, and prosperity of all its people before profits. By protecting our right to have a say about our future, we can ensure rules made about our air, water, and land serve our best interests.

Our broad coalition calls on state leaders to support the Resilient Future platform, which will set us on a path toward a climate resilient future for generations to come. Relief and Recovery efforts must invest in the long-term resilience of at-risk workers, low-income communities, communities of color, and tribal communities through the following actions:

  • People-Focused Solutions: We must support communities hit hardest by the health, environmental, and economic crisis with direct investments.
  • Equitable, Participatory Decision-Making Process: We must engage frontline workers, communities of color, tribal nations, and others most impacted by the health and economic crises in all decision-making processes.
  • Progressive revenue sources that drive down pollution: For too long, corporations and large polluters have refused to contribute their share to the schools, roads, and community services we all rely on. We must ensure that corporations and the very wealthy who’ve done well in Washington do right by Washington. 
  • Climate-Resilient Investments: We need long-term investments that build a clean and resilient economy to support healthy and prosperous communities.
  • Clean & Just Approaches: We need strategies that reduce pollution, increase climate protection, strengthen the power and voices of workers, address structural inequalities, and create well-paying jobs with protected collective bargaining rights


How We Get There: Our 2021 Legislative Session Policy Priorities 

  • Pass the Healthy Environment for All (HEAL) Act (SB 5141), we need environmental justice and equitable participatory decision-making processes to make sure our most impacted communities have a voice at the decision making table and a healthy future for generations to come. 
  1. Require environmental justice in state law and state action
  2. Make state government accountable to and collaborative with frontline communities
  3. Direct environmental investments to communities highly impacted by pollution

  • Invest in a clean and just transportation system that is efficient, affordable, creates living-wage jobs, cleans our air, and ensures a sustainable climate. 
  1. Support state-wide and local progressive transportation revenue options that benefit low-income and rural communities.
  2. Support clean and just transportation investments that reduce vehicle miles traveled, fossil fuel consumption, clean our air, create good local jobs, reduce over-policing and displacement, and allow everyone to get where they need to go efficiently, safely, affordably, and reliably
  3. Support transportation policies that help our state transition to a clean and just transportation system, including: Updating the state’s transportation goals to meet health, equity, and environmental metrics, in continued support of the Transportation for All bill.

  • Pass progressive funding that drives down pollution and supports climate-resilient investments.
  1. Support progressive revenue sources and financing mechanisms that make corporations, large polluters, and the very wealthy pay their share. 
  2. We must pass an equitable carbon pricing policy that reduces pollution and supports the just transition of workers and communities away from a harmful fossil fuel economy and into a clean and resilient future. 
  3. We must create a state public bank to make sure our tax dollars stay in Washington and invest in our communities, not lining the pockets of wall street’s fossil fuel financiers. The creation of a state bank is foundational infrastructure to support the just transition to a climate-resilient future. 

  • Update the Washington Growth Management Act to make sure we address climate change, affordable housing, and environmental justice in our state’s land use planning.
  1. Include a Climate Change Element (HB 1099) that requires planning for the reduction of greenhouse gas emission and vehicle miles traveled as well as adaptation, mitigation and protection against the impacts of the climate crisis.
  2. Update the Housing Element (HB 1220) for greater accountability in planning for all incomes and housing types. Require cities to identify and address historical exclusionary housing policies.
  3. Embed environmental justice in planning requirements in both the Housing Element and Climate Change Element and ensure environmental justice is consistent across the land use planning process.

  • We must re-prioritize our state budget away from extractive and exploitative practices that criminalize, incarcerate and harm the health of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC) communities and instead invest in the equitable distribution of sustainable investments in climate resiliency and the health and safety of BIPOC communities. 
  1. Respect and support Black-led organizations and coalitions, and those most impacted advocating for racial justice policy change. 
  2. Equitable re-investment determined by the above could look like: 
  3. Expanding community health services in BIPOC communities in order to serve those impacted by the adverse health impacts of climate change.
  4. Equitable access to education, including broadband, fair housing and economic green infrastructure that can withstand the impacts of climate change in BIPOC communities. 

  • Invest in the immediate and long-term relief that directly supports communities hit hardest by the health, environmental, and economic crisis. 
  1. Support Puget Sound Sage and Front and Centered’s call for state-wide utility relief 
  2. Support the Tenants Union of Washington State’s call for extending state-wide eviction moratoriums and rent relief. 
  3. Support Washington Families Tax Credit Coalition’s call for direct cash assistance for low-income families by fully funding the working families’ tax credit and a recovery rebate, (HB 1297).
  4. Support the Washington Immigrant Solidarity Network’s call for allocating an additional $65 Million to the WA Immigrant Relief Fund to support immigrant workers. 
  • Ensure clean and just state public purchasing and contracting that centers good job creation, equity, and the environment to ensure that every dollar of state spending delivers public good.
  1. Support the Buy Clean and Buy Fair Washington Act (HB 1103) to eliminate dirty and exploitative manufacturers’ unfair advantage in state purchasing and stop the race to the bottom that undercuts workers and increases carbon pollution
  2. Support Washington BlueGreen Alliance’s recommendations for responsible state public spending and procurement to ensure that every dollar of public money achieves the maximum public good. This includes attaching strong labor standards to all state investments to make sure that public money creates living wage jobs, not more low-wage, unstable work.


We call on the legislature to look bigger, bolder at this crisis and invest in the critical services, create new job opportunities, and prioritize those most impacted first.  The work we are doing together lays out the vision for action. Now, together, with your support, we believe Washington state can and must lead an equitable and just transition to a clean and resilient economy.

Can you contact your legislators today and ask them to support our Resilient Future Platform and help lead the transition to a climate-resilient recovery?

Resilient Future Signatories: 

Familias Unidas Por La Justicia

United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) Local 21

Washington State Building and Construction Trades Council

Washington State Labor Council

Duwamish River Clean-up Coalition

Front & Centered

Latino Community Fund

Climate Solutions

The Nature Conservancy — Washington

Transportation Choices Coalition

Washington Environmental Council/Washington Conservation Voters

350 Washington: 350 Bellingham, Eastside, Everett, Seattle, Spokane, Yakima, Wenatchee

Afghan Health Initiative

Audubon WA

Asian Pacific Cultural Center


Climate Reality Project

Columbia Land Trust

Community Alliance for Global Justice

Community Health Worker Coalition for Migrants and Refugees

Community Outreach & Development Services Ministries

Disability Rights Washington

Earth Ministry/Washington Interfaith Power & Light

El Centro de la Raza


Good Samaritan Tacoma

International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) 191

League of Woman Voters

Mason County Climate Justice

Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC)

Northwest Energy Coalition

Olympic Climate Action

Olympia Community Solar


Our Climate

Poverty Action Network 


Sierra Club

Somali Health Board

Southwest WA Communities United for Change

Spark Northwest

Sunrise Tacoma

Tacoma Ministerial Alliance

Tenants Union of Washington State

Transit Riders Union

Union of Concerned Scientists

United Indians of All Tribes Foundation

Washington BlueGreen Alliance

Washington Budget and Policy Center

Washington Physicians for Social responsibility

Washington State Budget & Policy Center

Washington Public Employee’s Association (WPEA) / United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW) 365

Washington Federation of State Employees (WFSE) 443

Washington Wild

 Spanish Translation: 

Seamos blancos o negros, ricos o pobres, indígenas o recién llegados, todos queremos dejar a las generaciones futuras un Washington hermoso y saludable. Pero hoy, los habitantes de Washington están lidiando con múltiples crisis simultáneas: una emergencia de salud pública, una catástrofe económica y un ajuste de cuentas con la historia racista de nuestra nación. Aquellos que se benefician del status quo han tratado de silenciar las voces que instan al cambio y afirman nuestro derecho a opinar sobre lo que sucede con la tierra, el aire y el agua de los que todos dependemos.

No tiene que ser así. Las crisis que enfrentamos están profundamente entrelazadas y una recuperación justa requerirá una acción fuerte. Sabemos de primera mano que las soluciones necesarias para recuperarse de los impactos económicos y de salud del COVID-19 también pueden promover la resiliencia climática, una necesidad que sigue siendo tan urgente como siempre. Podemos agrandar el acceso a atención médica asequible, vivienda y transporte limpio. Podemos tener opciones de energía asequibles que limpien nuestro aire y creen miles de empleos buenos y seguros.

Limitar a nuestras comunidades de los recursos que necesitamos para vivir una vida sana es una decisión que no tenemos que seguir tomando. Sabemos que los recortes instintivos solo perpetuarán esta crisis al dañar los servicios críticos y los trabajos de los que dependen las familias. Al unirnos, desde nuestras granjas hasta nuestras ciudades, podemos reescribir las reglas y crear un Washington que prioriza la salud, la vitalidad y la prosperidad de toda su gente a las ganancias. Al proteger nuestro derecho a opinar sobre nuestro futuro, podemos garantizar que las reglas que se establezcan sobre nuestro aire, agua y tierra sirvan a nuestros mejores intereses.

Nuestra amplia coalición pide a los líderes estatales que apoyen la plataforma Resilient Future, que nos encaminará hacia un futuro justo y sostenible para las generaciones venideras. Los esfuerzos de ayuda y recuperación deben invertir en la resiliencia a largo plazo de los trabajadores en riesgo, las comunidades de bajos ingresos, las comunidades de color y las comunidades tribales a través de las siguientes acciones:

  • Soluciones centradas en las personas: debemos apoyar a las comunidades más afectadas por la crisis sanitaria, ambiental y económica con inversiones directas.
  • Proceso de toma de decisiones equitativo y participativo: Debemos involucrar a los trabajadores de primera línea, las comunidades de color, las naciones tribales y otras personas más afectadas por la crisis económica y de salud en todos los procesos de toma de decisiones.
  • Fuentes de ingresos progresivas que reducen la contaminación: durante demasiado tiempo, las corporaciones y los grandes contaminadores se han negado a contribuir con su parte a las escuelas, carreteras y servicios comunitarios de los que todos dependemos. Debemos asegurarnos de que las corporaciones y los muy ricos que lo han hecho bien en Washington hagan lo correcto por Washington.
  • Inversiones resilientes al clima: Necesitamos inversiones a largo plazo que construyan una economía limpia y resiliente para apoyar comunidades saludables y prósperas.
  • Enfoques limpios y justos: necesitamos estrategias que reduzcan la contaminación, aumenten la protección climática, fortalezcan el poder y las voces de los trabajadores, aborden las desigualdades estructurales y creen empleos bien remunerados con derechos de negociación colectiva protegidos.

Somali Translation:

Haddii aan nahay caddaan ama Madow, taajir ama sabool, Dhalad ama soogalooti cusub, dhammaanteen waxaan dooneynaa in aan uga tagno jiilalka mustaqbalka Washington caafimaad iyo qurux badan. Laakiin maanta, dadka reer Washington waxay la tacaalayaan dhibaatooyin badan oo isku mar ah: xaalad caafimaad oo deg deg ah, masiibo dhaqaale oo aan horay loo arag, iyo taariikhda cunsuriyada umadeena oo kor u kacday. Kuwa ka faa’iideysanaya sida ay hadda wax yihiin waxay isku dayeen in ay aamusiyaan codkeenna oo ay iyagu wax dhahaan waxa ku dhacaya dhulka, hawada, iyo biyaha aan dhammaanteen ku tiirsan nahay.

Maaha in ay sidan ahaato. Dhibaatooyinka na soo foodsaaray si qoto dheer ayey isugu xiran yihiin, soo kabashaduna waxay u baahan tahay ficil geesinimo leh. Waxaan ognahay marka hore in xalalka loo baahan yahay in laga soo kabto saameynta caafimaad iyo dhaqaale ee COVID-19 ay sidoo kale horumarin karto adkeysiga cimilada – baahi weli deg deg ah sidii hore. Waxaan ballaarin karnaa helitaanka daryeel caafimaad oo jaban, guryo, iyo gaadiid nadiif ah. Waxaan heli karnaa ikhtiyaarro tamar la awoodi karo oo nadiifiya hawadeena isla markaana abuura kumanaan shaqooyin wanaagsan oo badbaado leh.

In bulshooyinkeena laga gaajeeyo kheyraadka aan u baahanahay in aan ku noolaano nolol caafimaad leh ma aha xulasho aan sii wadi karno. Waan ognahay in xanuunku u sii wadi doono dhibaatadan iyada oo la waxyeeleynayo adeegyada muhiimka ah iyo shaqooyinka qoysaska ay ku tiirsan yihiin. Isku soo wada duuboo, laga bilaabo beeraheena ilaa magaalooyinkeenna, waxaan dib u qori karnaa xeerarka waxaanna abuuri karnaa Washington oo caafimaadka, firfircoonida, iyo barwaaqada dadkeeda ka horreysiineysa faa’iidada. Anaga oo ilaalinayna xaqa aan u leenahay in aan wax ka oran karno mustaqbalkeena, waxaan hubin karnaa sharciyada la meel mariyey ee hawadeena, biyaheena, iyo dhulkeena in ay u adeegaan danaheena sida ugu wanaagsan.

Waxaan ugu baaqeynaa hoggaamiyeyaasha dowlad-goboleedyadeenna inay taageeraan Madal adkeysi leh ee mustaqbalka (Resilient Future platform) , kaasoo innagu toosin doona waddada loo marayo mustaqbalka cadaalad waarta oo anfaca jiilalka soo socda. Waxaan dalbaneynaa dadaallada gargaarka leh iyo soo kabashada ee maal-galinta u adkeysiga muddada-dheer ee shaqaalaha halista ku jira, bulshooyinka dakhligoodu hooseeyo, bulshooyinka midabka leh, iyo bulshooyinka qabaa’ilka iyadoo loo marayo tallaabooyinka soo socda:

  1. Xal u helidda Dadka: Waa in aan ku taageernaa bulshooyinka ay aadka u saameysay dhibaatooyinka caafimaadka, deegaanka, iyo dhaqaalaha in toos loo maalgasho.
  2. Geedi Socodka iyo Go’aan ka Qaybqaadashada Sinaanta: Waa in aan ka qaybgalno shaqaalaha safka hore, jaaliyadaha midabka leh, umadaha qabaa’ilka, iyo kuwa kale ee aadka u saameeya dhibaatooyinka caafimaad iyo kuwa dhaqaale ee dhamaan howlaha go’aan ka gaarista.
  3. Ilaha dakhliga ee horumarka leh ee joojiya wasakheynta: Muddo aad u dheer, shirkadaha iyo wasakheeyayaasha waaweyn ayaa diiday in ay qaybtooda ka qataan dugsiyada, waddooyinka, iyo adeegyada bulshada ee aan dhammaanteen ku tiirsan nahay. Waa in aan hubinnaa in shirkadaha iyo kuwa hodanka ah ee sida wanaagsan wax uga qabtay Washington ay sida saxda sameyeen.
  4. Maal-gashiga u adkaysiga Cimilada: Waxaan u baahanahay maalgashi muddo dheer ah oo dhisa dhaqaale nadiif ah oo adkeysi leh si looga taageero bulshooyinka caafimaadka iyo   barwaaqada.
  5. Wadooyin nadiif ah & mid cadaalad ah: Waxaan ubaahanahay istaraatiijiyado yareyneysa wasakheynta, kordhinta ilaalinta cimilada, xoojinta awooda iyo codadka shaqaalaha, abuurista shaqooyin mushahar wanaagsan laga qaata iyadoo la ilaalinayo xuquuqda gorgortanka wadajirka ah, iyo wax ka qabashada sinaan la’aanta qaabdhismeedka.


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